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Most Popular Wants
Most Viewed
Name Views
yellow version 1406
1st Edition Charizard 966
Bill 962
Voltorb 961
Areodactyl 954
playstation 949
Abra 930
Machoke 918
xbox 916
Mankey 891
Most Recent Wants
Name User
Alakazam Lord_Bob
Item Finder Lord_Bob
Pokemon Center Lord_Bob
Maintenance Lord_Bob
Dodrio Lord_Bob
Scyther Lord_Bob
Chansey Lord_Bob
Mr. Mime Lord_Bob
Most Recent Listings
Item Owner Ant. Views
yellow version Slider 1x 1406
def jam(fight for ny) frozenthrone 1x 728
ps2 memory card frozenthrone 1x 754
xbox memory card frozenthrone 1x 749
xbox 360 frozenthrone 1x 727
playstation2 frozenthrone 1x 738
playstation frozenthrone 1x 949
gamecube frozenthrone 1x 755
xbox frozenthrone 1x 916
gameboy advance frozenthrone 1x 722
gameboy advance frozenthrone 1x 792
kn Brndnjng 1x 710
japanese 3-star golden raichou pie60 1x 782
Energy Retrieval Lord_Bob 2x 802
Energy Search Lord_Bob 1x 838
Mr.Fuji Lord_Bob 1x 11
Double Colorless Energy Lord_Bob 2x 833
Beedrill Lord_Bob 3x 805
Bellsprout Lord_Bob 1x 731
Victreebell Lord_Bob 1x 852
Spearow Lord_Bob 1x 810
Onix Lord_Bob 1x 879
Persian Lord_Bob 2x 700
Poliwhirl Lord_Bob 1x 697
Wartortle Lord_Bob 1x 678
Zapdos Lord_Bob 1x 812
Mewtwo Lord_Bob 1x 695
Victreebel (Missprint) Holo Lord_Bob 1x 772
Venusaur Holo Lord_Bob 1x 716
Nidoking Lord_Bob 1x 828
Machamp 1st Lord_Bob 2x 686
Sabrina's Gaze Lord_Bob 2x 4
Max Revive Lord_Bob 1x 720
Revive Lord_Bob 1x 803
Mysterious Fossil Lord_Bob 1x 697
Bill Lord_Bob 6x 728
Recycle Lord_Bob 3x 680
Gust of Wind Lord_Bob 6x 727
Potion Lord_Bob 13x 865
Goop Gas Attack Lord_Bob 5x 796
Defender Lord_Bob 2x 872
Transparent Walls Lord_Bob 1x 649
Super Rod Lord_Bob 1x 656
Gambler Lord_Bob 3x 779
Switch Lord_Bob 17x 669
Energy Removal Lord_Bob 17x 810
Pokeball Lord_Bob 3x 675
Secret Mission Lord_Bob 2x 686
Sleep! (x1 1st) Lord_Bob 5x 794
Master Ball Lord_Bob 1x 700
Brock's Training Method Lord_Bob 1x 12
Pokemon Flute Lord_Bob 1x 801
Cerulean City Gym 1st Lord_Bob 1x 664
Digger Lord_Bob 3x 665
Nightly Garbage Run Lord_Bob 1x 684
Pokemon Center Lord_Bob 1x 678
Super Potion Lord_Bob 6x 716
PlusPower Lord_Bob 3x 690
PlusPower Base 2 Lord_Bob 1x 704
Sabrina's Psychic Control Lord_Bob 1x 4
Professor Oak Lord_Bob 2x 693
Pokedex Lord_Bob 4x 710
Maintenance Lord_Bob 1x 708
Imposter Oak's Revenge Lord_Bob 2x 16
Rocket's Secret Experiment Lord_Bob 1x 8
The Boss's Way Lord_Bob 2x 7
Full Heal Lord_Bob 2x 795
Vermillion City Gym Lord_Bob 2x 811
Basic Psychic Energy Lord_Bob 22x 677
Abra Lord_Bob 6x 930
Jynx Lord_Bob 2x 775
Sabrina's Jynx Lord_Bob 2x 11
Slowpoke Lord_Bob 7x 781
Sabrina's Gastly Lord_Bob 2x 8
Gastly Lord_Bob 4x 792
Sabrina's Drowzee Lord_Bob 1x 17
Drowzee Lord_Bob 5x 805
Slowbro Lord_Bob 2x 798
Dark Hypno Lord_Bob 1x 694
Haunter Lord_Bob 2x 829
Sabrina's Mr. Mime Lord_Bob 1x 10
Chinchou Lord_Bob 2x 799
Lt. Surge's Pikachu Lord_Bob 3x 15
Pikachu Lord_Bob 3x 649
Voltorb Lord_Bob 6x 961
Lt. Surge's Voltorb Lord_Bob 6x 12
Dark Electrode Lord_Bob 3x 815
Magnemite Lord_Bob 7x 771
Lt. Surge's Magnemite Lord_Bob 5x 18
Dark Jolteon Lord_Bob 3x 860
Basic Electric Energy Lord_Bob 43x 658
Cubone Lord_Bob 1x 816
Marowak Lord_Bob 1x 702
Sandslash Lord_Bob 3x 778
Rhydon 1st Lord_Bob 1x 649
Diglett Lord_Bob 10x 779
Dark Machoke Lord_Bob 1x 835
Machoke Lord_Bob 7x 918
Mankey Lord_Bob 4x 891
Sandshrew Lord_Bob 2x 829
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