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Most Recent Wants
Name User
blue-eyes ultamit... dilang123
Black Rose Dragon crossbred90...
Exploder Dragonwi... crossbred90...
Stardust Dragon crossbred90...
necro gardna duelistwast...
mirror force duelistwast...
axe of despair Slider
solemn judgement Slider
dark eruption DeckBilder
the beginning of ... DeckBilder
Most Recent Listings
Item Owner Ant. Views
[Foil] Evocator Chevalierl lv4 atk/1900 dilang123 1x 0
[Foil] Blue-eyes shining dragonl atk/3000 dilang123 1x 0
[Foil] Freed matchless general atk/2300 dilang123 1x 0
[Foil] Phoenix Gearfried lv8 atk/2800 dilang123 1x 0
[Foil] Red-eyes black dragon lv7 atk/2500 dilang123 1x 0
shining silver force flufy 1x 877
[Foil] starlight road flufy 1x 785
destruction of destiny flufy 1x 791
snake deit's command flufy 1x 0
lucky iron axe flufy 1x 870
[Foil] gemini summoner flufy 1x 866
supay flufy 1x 918
xx-saber gersem flufy 1x 812
[Foil] vampire genesis flufy 1x 873
[Foil] xyz-dragon cannon flufy 1x 782
Dark Armed Dragon MagiMatt13 1x 787
[Foil] Infernity Launcher crossbred900 1x 791
ally of justice garadholg duelistwaste 1x 816
[Foil] adhesion trap hole duelistwaste 1x 815
[Foil] malevolent nuzzler duelistwaste 1x 790
[Foil] ancient fairy dragon adam9986 10x 858
enervation mist DeckBilder 1x 840
[Foil] the creator(een) DeckBilder 1x 818
[Foil] sacred phoenix of nephthys DeckBilder 1x 873
[Foil] the creator(rds) DeckBilder 1x 792
[Foil] exarion universe DeckBilder 1x 800
[Foil] heavy storm DeckBilder 2x 726
[Foil] dark mirror force DeckBilder 1x 749
[Foil] ultimate insect lv1 DeckBilder 1x 694
[Foil] d.d. survivor(tlm) DeckBilder 1x 0
[Foil] elemental hero sparkman DeckBilder 1x 719
[Foil] dark magician of chaos DeckBilder 1x 849
[Foil] garnecia elefantis DeckBilder 1x 725
[Foil] ring of defense DeckBilder 1x 809
[Foil] horus the blackflame dragon lv8(sod DeckBilder 1x 704
[Foil] dust tornado DeckBilder 2x 692
[Foil] invader of darkness DeckBilder 3x 740
giant germ DeckBilder 2x 719
goddess with the third eye DeckBilder 3x 694
[Foil] mystic space typhoon DeckBilder 2x 710
[Foil] brron,mad king of dark world DeckBilder 1x 737
[Foil] ninja grandmaster sasuke DeckBilder 1x 725
[Foil] kaiser glider DeckBilder 1x 692
[Foil] mystic swordsman lv6 DeckBilder 2x 999
[Foil] brain control DeckBilder 3x 701
[Foil] armed dragon lv10 DeckBilder 2x 729
[Foil] armed dragon lv7 DeckBilder 3x 685
winged kuriboh DeckBilder 2x 819
[Foil] winged kuriboh DeckBilder 1x 1141
[Foil] elemental hero wildheart DeckBilder 2x 716
[Foil] mirage knight DeckBilder 1x 719
[Foil] Chain Destruction artumis1 1x 836
[Foil] Chain Disappearance artumis1 1x 806
[Foil] Tragedy artumis1 1x 694
Begone, Knave! artumis1 1x 703
Level Up! artumis1 1x 708
The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimensi artumis1 1x 812
Dark Hole artumis1 1x 692
Heavy Storm artumis1 1x 832
Terraforming artumis1 1x 797
Hidden book of Spell artumis1 1x 810
Precious cards from Beyond artumis1 1x 824
[Foil] Appropriate artumis1 1x 683
Pyro Clock of Destiny artumis1 1x 771
Bark of Dark Ruler artumis1 1x 822
[Foil] Blast With Chain artumis1 1x 822
Collected Power artumis1 1x 724
A Feint Plan artumis1 1x 778
[Foil] Dust Tornado artumis1 1x 716
[Foil] Ring of Destruction artumis1 2x 694
[Foil] Mask of Restrict artumis1 1x 807
[Foil] Mask of Dispel artumis1 1x 915
Archfiend's Oath artumis1 1x 0
Vilepawn Archfiend artumis1 2x 753
Desrook Arkfiend artumis1 1x 801
Wave-Motion Cannon artumis1 1x 757
A Deal With Dark Ruler artumis1 1x 775
[Foil] Megamorph artumis1 1x 793
Soul Reversal artumis1 1x 681
[Foil] Big Bang Shot artumis1 1x 696
Fairy of the Spring artumis1 1x 750
[Foil] Magic Drain artumis1 1x 701
Gryphon's Feather Duster artumis1 1x 0
[Foil] Fairy Meteor Crush artumis1 2x 823
Curse of Anubis artumis1 1x 734
Book of Taiyou artumis1 1x 810
[Foil] Book of Moon artumis1 1x 773
Return from the Different Dimension artumis1 2x 671
Inferno Tempest artumis1 2x 658
Bad Reaction to Simochi artumis1 1x 801
Rising air Current artumis1 1x 678
Stumbling artumis1 1x 751
Reload artumis1 2x 700
Life Absorbing Machine artumis1 1x 804
[Foil] Mirror Wall artumis1 1x 821
Remove Brainwashing artumis1 1x 772
Heart of the Underdog artumis1 1x 684
[Foil] Nobleman of Crossout artumis1 1x 788
[Foil] Nobleman of Extermination artumis1 1x 791
Hammer Shot artumis1 1x 696
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