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CardDrifter.com - Profile: Lord_Bob
User Profile: Lord_Bob
Username: Lord_Bob
Registration Date: 04 11, 2005
Last Visit: Aug 10, 2006
Haves: 348
Wants: 8
Trades Completed: 2
Feedback Rating: 1000 (1)
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Haves - 348 Total
A - E F - J K - O P - T U - Z
Itemname Amt. Category Views
Abra 6x Pokemon 931
Aerodactyl 1x Pokemon 294
Air Elemental 1x Magic: the Gathering 272
Akki Avalanchers 1x Magic: the Gathering 319
Aliban's Tower 2x Magic: the Gathering 13
Arbok 1x Pokemon 248
Arcanine 2x Pokemon 399
Arcanine 1st 1x Pokemon 255
Aven Flock 1x Magic: the Gathering 235
Basic Electric Energy 43x Pokemon 659
Basic Fighting Energy 17x Pokemon 260
Basic Fire Energy 19x Pokemon 254
Basic Grass Energy 30x Pokemon 258
Basic Psychic Energy 22x Pokemon 678
Basic Water Energy 32x Pokemon 228
Beedrill 3x Pokemon 805
Bellsprout 1x Pokemon 732
Betrayal of Flesh 1x Magic: the Gathering 308
Bill 6x Pokemon 728
Blessed Breath 1x Magic: the Gathering 278
Blind with Anger 1x Magic: the Gathering 275
Brock's Geodude 1x Pokemon 14
Brock's Golem 1x Pokemon 18
Brock's Training Method 1x Pokemon 12
Brock's Zubat 1x Pokemon 15
Bulbasaur 6x Pokemon 231
Bushi Tenderfoot 1x Magic: the Gathering 320
Butterfree 1x Pokemon 267
Cage of Hands 1x Magic: the Gathering 233
Call to Glory 1x Magic: the Gathering 302
Caterpie 2x Pokemon 264
Cathodion 1x Magic: the Gathering 317
Cerulean City Gym 1st 1x Pokemon 665
Chansey (Holo) 1x Pokemon 236
Charmander 19x Pokemon 236
Charmeleon 6x Pokemon 239
Chimney Imp 1x Magic: the Gathering 284
Chinchou 2x Pokemon 800
Clefairy Doll 1x Pokemon 239
Cloyster 1x Pokemon 222
Commander Eesha 1x Magic: the Gathering 236
Computer Search 1x Pokemon 258
Cowardice 1x Magic: the Gathering 232
Crafty Pathmage 1x Magic: the Gathering 253
Crushing Pain 1x Magic: the Gathering 223
Cubone 1x Pokemon 818
Cyndaquil 1x Pokemon 237
Dark Arbok 1x Pokemon 221
Dark Blastoise 1x Pokemon 258
Dark Electrode 3x Pokemon 816
Dark Flareon 1x Pokemon 221
Dark Gloom 1x Pokemon 273
Dark Golbat 1x Pokemon 262
Dark Golduck 2x Pokemon 283
Dark Gyarados 2x Pokemon 255
Dark Hypno 1x Pokemon 694
Dark Jolteon 3x Pokemon 860
Dark Machoke 1x Pokemon 836
Dark Magneton 2x Pokemon 266
Dark Muk 1x Pokemon 286
Dark Primeape 2x Pokemon 267
Dark Raticate 3x Pokemon 246
Dark Vaporeon 1x Pokemon 257
Dark Vileplume 1x Pokemon 249
Dark Wartortle 3x Pokemon 264
Dark Weezing (Holo) 1x Pokemon 305
Deathcurse Ogre 1x Magic: the Gathering 247
Defender 2x Pokemon 874
Demystify 1x Magic: the Gathering 284
Devolution Spray 1x Pokemon 266
Devouring Greed 1x Magic: the Gathering 226
Devouring Rage 1x Magic: the Gathering 255
Dewgong 2x Pokemon 253
Digger 3x Pokemon 665
Diglett 10x Pokemon 780
Distress 1x Magic: the Gathering 347
Ditto 1x Pokemon 236
Dodrio 1x Pokemon 233
Doduo 5x Pokemon 225
Double Colorless Energy 2x Pokemon 833
Dratini 7x Pokemon 235
Drill-Skimmer 1x Magic: the Gathering 326
Dripping-Tongue Zubera 2x Magic: the Gathering 244
Dross Prowler 1x Magic: the Gathering 285
Drowzee 5x Pokemon 805
Dusk Imp 1x Magic: the Gathering 265
Eager Cadet 1x Magic: the Gathering 228
Echoing Ruin 1x Magic: the Gathering 217
Eevee 3x Pokemon 223
Ekans 7x Pokemon 319
Ember-Fist Zubera 1x Magic: the Gathering 268
Energy Removal 17x Pokemon 811
Energy Retrieval 2x Pokemon 804
Energy Search 1x Pokemon 838
Erika's Paras 1x Pokemon 18
Exeggcute 1x Pokemon 255
Eye of Nowhere 1x Magic: the Gathering 290
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